Sunday, October 29, 2006

Spooky Cross (Cross Crusade #4) - 10/29/06

What a weekend - Beavers beat #3 USC and a great day for Spooky cross. Can't ask for a better weekend. In honor of the Beavs, I made a last minute costume change to Captain Upset. It was a hit for the spectators and it got me $5 off my entry fee. There were some killer costumes out there. I still can't figure out how the girl in the blow up Sumo outfit got over the barriers.

It turned out to be a nice sunny cool morning. The course was great. Reminded me more of a mountain bike course, but you don't ever jump over a COFFIN in a mountain bike race. There were some technical turns in the trees. I kept the speed down in the corners for recovery (learned that one in Hillsboro after 4 crashes). There were a few straight away hill climbs to max out the lungs and pass the slackers.

An extra bonus was FREE beer at the keg stop along the course. I decided to pass during the laps since it was on the dark side. However, it hit the spot after the race was done. I mean, you can't find a better time on a bike than a cyclocross race.

Denise and Luke joined me at the race. They took some great photos below. What a great way to spend a 12th wedding anniversary day (not sure if that's what she had in mind).

Catching the Competition


My Favorite Fan

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cross Crusade #2 - 10/15/06

The weather was perfect for cross on the 2nd Cross Crusade event. Plenty of rain to slicken up the playing field. No-more sunny summer stroll in the park. It was time to get wet, muddy, and exhausted.

I placed myself to earn a free six-pack of Mac's in the first race (landed on the lucky number 7 with 17th), so I was geared up to perform. Unfortunately, my bike handling skills on the new steed were alittle lacking in prowness. By the 3rd or 4th crash around a muddy slick corner, I realized that a conservative appoarch in the muddy corners would save me time.

Denise and Luke showed up part way through the race. They captured a few photos of the effort shown below.

Some lessons learned....
  1. It takes a lot longer time to crash and recover than to take it slower in the muddy corners/gravel.
  2. I guess it's a good thing when the doc gives you alittle something and says "normally I tell people to suck it up and don't worry about it, but your's is really looking infected". Guess I better shave my legs after all.
  3. The free beer prize sure tastes good later that day.

31st out of ~105 folks in the rookie class. I'll take it.

Putting down the hammer

Negotiating the "six-pack" barriers

Muddy with a big grin

Luke is wondering "what is dad doing?"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cross Crusade #1 - 10/1/06

The first cross race of the season was at Alpenrose for the Cross Crusade.

It was also my first race with the Specialized TriCross bike that I'd been using for commuting this year. Wow, what an improvement over a retro 90s converted moutainbike I used last year. It worked like a champ.

The weather was beautiful (not really appropriate for a true cross race. The course was lots of fun through the Alpenrose area - up some stairs, up the velodrome side, and a lap in the velodrome.

Finished up at 17th in the rookie class. The extra bonus - the lucky number was 7, so I won a six-pack of Macs.

I put together alittle setup in the backyard to get some practice (here's a photo).