Monday, March 26, 2007

Hornings Hideout - 3/25/07

Wow, what a mud-fest. I knew it was going to be alittle sloppy when I drove in and the redneck in front of me had to stop to lock in his hubs to get his truck to the parking lot. That's expected this early in the year.

I got there early to pre-ride the circuit. It wasn't too bad since not many people had rode it yet. Well, that changed quickly after the first lap. Luckily, they reduced the number of laps for all. It took a almost 2 hours to slug out 10 miles. Alot of pushing involved.

Mudslinger is on April 22nd!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Death Ride and Others 2007

Beware of what you wish. That's what I thought this week when I found out I was one of 2800 lucky souls to participate in the Death Ride.

Well, I was looking for a good goal to set for the season. This should get me motivated when I'm riding that trainer at 5am in the garage during these dark rainy days in Oregon. Here's a link to the course map that I hung on the wall for inspiration: Death Ride Map.

Talking about schedules. Here's the schedule I'm planning for this year.....

3/25/07: Horning's HideOut
4/22/07: MudSlinger MTB
5/5/07: Spring Thaw MTB
5/20/07: Falls City Firecracker MTB
6/10/07: Test of Endurance MTB
6/23/07: Tour De Blast Road
7/14/07: DeathRide Road
8/4/07: 12HRS at Willamette Pass MTB
10/07 to 11/07: CrossCrusade

Should be a good season.