Monday, January 15, 2007

Torque Wrenches

So, I was installing the cleats on my new Shimano M225 shoes (Christmas present to me) and I did it again - stripped the darn hex screw. I thought I'd learned my lesson from 2 years ago. Added a new tool to the toolset after a trip to the local hardware store: screw extractor.

Anyway, I've been looking for a torque wrench ever since. Well of course the boys at Park Tool have the perfect tool, but you need to spend $80 to get both wrenches for the full range of in-lbs.

I did a google search, for torque wrenches. About 5 places down on the list is: TORK-GRIP, The Ultimate Torque Wrench For The Bicyclist. This link is definitely worth the read. Actually, this guy has quite a few humorous inventions for the cyclist.

Anyway, I chatted with my co-workers for some ideas (these guys have hobbies like machining and reworking old oscilloscopes - yes, we're a bunch of nerds at Tek). The Park Tool beam wrench is only as accurate as your steady hand, so we're thinking the dial-n-click wrench that we use at work. We'll those cost a small fortune at most places.

Well, my buddy knows a good low cost tool store. Yes, it's MIC stuff - made in China, but he says he's been happy with the stuff he's bought. Located in Salem. So, for about $40, I'll be totally set. I'll give them a try and report back.

Small Torque Wrench

Big Torque Wrench

Cold Feet but No Rain

Went for a ride with the Portland Velo folks on Saturday. 28F out, but a least it wasn't raining. Did 38 miles and my feet were FREEZING at the end. Couldn't feel a thing. Which brings up the topic of cold feet.

I actually went to GI Joes on Friday in preparation for this chilly event. However, they SOLD out of foot warmer inserts. Bought some battery heated socks. However, gave up on that idea when I put them on with the D size battery hanging on the side of my calf (didn't think it was the best thing for spinning pedals. So, my feet FROZE on Saturday and it's my new mission.

Today, I went back to GI Joes to return my battery socks. I came across some Little Hotties hand warmers that came with a free toe warmers. It was only $5, so I figured I'd give these toe warmers a try. I'll report back after this weekends ride. Looks like you can buy a case online at their website. Hope they work out!!!!!!!!