Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Badge of Courage - 5/20/07

Last Sunday started out like a normal race day. Woke up, coffee, loaded bike and gear, warm up laps, etc..... However, the 2nd lap at the Falls City Firecracker didn't go as expected.

Fast, faster, bump, endo, airborne, and then laying on my back grasping my shoulder. Thanks to some friends, I got a ride to the Dallas ER. Denise didn't totally freak when I called her (probably because I was at least able to call myself).

Yes, my string of never breaking a bone still stands - only tearing joints!!! "AC shoulder separation - go see an orthopedic" was what the Dallas ER doctor said.

Wasn't too painful as long as I kept still. Actually, the most painful part was getting off my stinky bike jersey on Sunday evening (no way I could cut the Beaver jersey).

Called the orthopedic on Monday AM and after 10 minutes of hold music, finally got the message that Mondays are "high call volume". Finally drove to the "walk-in" clinic and found out that I didn't qualify since I went to the ER (it was probably worth it since my helmet had at least 3 cracks - a new addition to the "saved my life" shrine).

Finally got to the orthopedic today. Sure enough, grade 2 AC shoulder separation, click here to read all the gory details. Sounds like it is a very common sports injury, especially for cycling. Good news, no surgery. Bad news, I'll be doing physical therapy for ~12 weeks (nothing worse that a cute doctor gal making you cry in pain each week). Making progress already - I can button my own shirt again.

The gal rolling me to the x-ray room put it in perspective well..... "at least you were having fun, alot of people get injured at work."

That's right - a tough day having fun always beat working!!!

I'm thinking about cross season already!!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Thaw, Ashland OR - 5/6/07

Good times in Ashland, Oregon over the weekend. You can't go wrong with moutain biking, Japanese Spa , and Shakespeare (OK, we went to a more modern play). Denise and I had a great time.

The course worked out to be about 28 miles. First 12 miles straight up the road out of the local park. Totaled about 3300 feet of climbing. The last 5 miles or so was some most excellent single track (the stuff Ashland is know for).

I maintained a good hard pace for the entire uphill without bonking at the end, so I was very happy with that. Lost about 10 places on the downhill. My official excuse: must of been the locals.

Denise and I even went on a ride "together". Jacksonville and back turned out to be about 34 miles round trip.

Definitely need to plan to do this next year.