Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goals for 2007

In bike riding, I don't think New Year's resolutions are applicable. However, setting goals are very applicable and important. I just finished my last ride of 2006 and the 38 degree weather got me thinking about sunny summer days and things I want to accomplish. So, here are the things I going to committ to. Of course, having a 4 year old will probably throw a monkey wrench into some of this plans, but it's good to have a list to aim for.

  • Elevation Goal: 150,000 feet in the year. I'll still use my Polar altimeter to track this. I know there are those fancy GPS models, but I'm still happy with my Polar (and getting my $300 worth of good use).
  • Mountain Biking... A least 3 races this year. I'm planning to focus on this more than the century rides. Alittle competition is good for cross training.
  • Test of Endurance... Complete the 12 hour solo again (miss last year). In the 2005, this was the hardest and most awesome bike ride I've ever completed.
  • Death Ride..... I'm going to do it this year. No free trip to Hawaii with Denise, so no more good excuses. Registration opens Jan 1 and they do a lottery selection of 2800 riders on March 1st, so let me know if you to road trip with me and sign up.
  • RAMROD.... I'll sign up again and hope I get picked. This is an epic NW ride.
  • Torture 10k... I've skipped this one the past couple years. No more excuses.
  • TransRockies.... Sign up on November 1st!!! This looks epic - need to do before the big 40.
  • Cross Racing.... Upgrade to Masters C class and finish in the top 25.