Saturday, April 28, 2007

Commuting to Work

There is finally a break in the rains in Portland area. Therefore, it's time for us fair weather bike commuters to start hit the streets.

My commute from Wilsonville to Beaverton is 19 miles and takes about 1hr-20min each way. There's a great gym at work to take a shower, so I pack my gear on car days.

Some key benefits...
1) Great way to get miles on the bike. I shoot for 2 times per week, so that's ~80 miles of riding.
2) Save gas. However, it's not the economics - I don't pack a lunch when I ride, so the money I save each day (~$6.50) is spent on buying lunch.
3) Great way to lose weight by burning extra calories.
4) Doesn't cut into family time. Got to go to work anyway!!!

Give it a try. Once you do it a couple times, you resolve all the excuses.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mudslinger - 4/22/07

I had to skip out on one of the annual campouts with the guys to make it to this years Mudslinger. I've been doing it off and on since highschool, so it's a fun local race.

The race started with a good long uphill on logging roads up to the top. It rained pretty good the day before, so the singletrack downhills were good and slippery. I was finally getting my balance for the slip down after the 1st lap. Started to rain for at the end for a wet finish. 3000 feet of climbing over 22 miles - not a bad Sunday stroll.

My results weren't stellar, but it was fun. My buddy Evan (who I used to ride with) captured 1st place in the PRO division (yes, he is a mountain bike stud).

Here's a photo from the event and the heat-monitor printout (gray peaks are elevation). I'm smiling since I'm finally going downhill!!!!